Yeddyurappa close aide has claimed the support of 120 legislators, many MLAs can change



At present, the figure of 111 for a majority in the assembly of 221 legislators is required. The BJP needs seven MLAs.

After the Supreme Court’s decision, the Congress is claiming the number of votes within the House. But the BJP seems confident about proving the majority of Yeddyurappa. Some BJP leaders are also claiming to have the support of 120 MLAs in the House, but if the BJP’s big strategists believe, then Yeddyurappa will get the support of three or four more MLAs necessarily required for the majority within the House. At present, the figure of 111 for a majority in the assembly of 221 legislators is required. The BJP needs seven MLAs. Believe in a formula, some legislators can vote in support, while others can stay out of voting.

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The first reaction between the announcement of the happiness of Congress leaders on the verdict of the Supreme Court came from the BJP’s election in-charge Prakash Javadekar. Javadekar expressed confidence in the majority After this, a close MP of Yeddyurappa and BJP’s general secretary Shobha Kandalalje claimed to have secured the support of 120 MLAs, which will also be seen within the Legislative Assembly.




Of course, for MLAs to come from where supporters will come, it is not clear yet. A senior BJP leader said that the disclosure would be within the House on Saturday. Five Congress MLAs and two JDS MLAs are being speculated to be in touch with BJP. There is the talk of changing the lip of Congress and JDS Lingayat legislators in the discussion.

The Lingayat MLA of both the parties will also be prepared to lose their seat to make Lingayat a Chief Minister. But if the BJP leaders believe, then the matter is no longer limited to Lingayat. Within the Congress and JDS, there is a sharp protest against the agreement and both the parties will not be able to express it within the House as soon as the legislators get the opportunity.


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What can be the set-screw

Party position
Total seats: 224, Effective numbers: 221 (Coomaraswamy’s vote reduced, he won by two seats)
The majority: 111, BJP: 104 (majority to 07 less), Congress: 78, JDS +: 37, Others: 02

If this is the BJP’s victory

The Congress-JD (JDS) 14 MLAs who are believed to be missing are absent from the proceedings of the House.
– 31 Lingayat MLAs of Congress and JDS will come in favor of Yeddyurappa on an ethnic basis.
– Two-thirds of the Congress-JD’s legislators, that is, 52 of the Congress and 26 MLAs of JDS in their camp.
– The defection will not apply if two-thirds of the members are rebelling. Although its probability is the lowest

BY:- Abhay kushwaha 

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