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 On Friday, a number of Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) kept stirring. A toll free helpline number of UIDAI was seen in the phone book of Android users. On this UIDAI said that this number (1800-300-1947) is incorrect and outdated and has a new toll free number of 1947, which has been working for the last two years. Meanwhile, Google also apologized for the continuation of this number and said that he forgot to remove these numbers from the Android operating system. It was also revealed in one of the information that the users of the Phonebook were in sync with Google. Meanwhile, the concerns of the security of the premises and the risks associated with it have once again deepened. If you are also worried about the similar problem related to the base, then obviously this news is for your work.

How to save a number of UIDAI in your phone book is risky?

If you can access your mobile phone book then you can easily be profiled and track you. With only one number saved in your Phonebook, any company can easily know about your location, activities, likes, dislikes, ideology and religious identity.

Well, you do not have to worry. We are trying to give information through this news that you can learn about the misuse of your base and how you can stop the misuse of your base.


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Check your abuse of Aadhaar card: –

Uidai for this you Logging in to On the home page, you will see the option of base authentication history at the bottom of the base online service base service section. Click on it.


Here you will see an option on which you have to put your base. Here the security code option will appear, enter it and then click on Send OTP.



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By doing this you will reach a new page and an OTP will be sent to your mobile linked to your base number. On the new page you will be asked for authentication type. By going to the drop down of this box, you select AII from the options like demographic, biometric, all. Select the date selection below to select the history as long as you want it. Here you must select Number of Records. By doing so much, all the history related to the use will be in front of you. If you see an authentication that you have not done here then you can also complain about it.

Where to complain?

You can do any information related to your information by dialing the complaint number 1947. You can file a complaint from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Can you stop such a misuse?

If you want your base and the information associated with it not a misuse, then you can generate a virtual ID. This is a temporary number of 16 digits. You can generate as many times as you want. Until you change it, it will remain valid until then. If you feel that a friend of yours has misled you, then change it immediately. You will be safe.


Learn how to generate VID: UIDAI has issued a Virtual ID in view of the security of the holders. It can be generated from the base holder’s UIDAI website. It is a 16 digit number which can be used as an alternative to the base.


Know how to generate it


– Visit the VID Generator inside the base services on the home page of UIDAI.



– Enter your Aadhaar number, Security code. Then click on Send OTP. You will come OTP with the registered mobile number with UIDAI.



– Enter the OTP. After this you will have the option of generating VID ie virtual ID. Apart from this, if you have already generated an ID, then that ID can also be detected in this way. Then submit it. After subscribing you will get the virtual ID on the mobile number.

By :– Abhishek Bajpai 


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