YouTube picture-in-picture mode will soon rollout for all Android users

YouTube picture-in-picture mode will soon rollout for all Android users

Video streaming website YouTube will soon make available Picture-In Picture Mode feature to Android users. This feature was first introduced to Android 8.0 Arrio users in November last year after YouTube Red Subscribers. According to the media reports, the company is now rolling out to non-red subscribers too.

What is Utube Picture in Picture Mode:

In the Picture-in-Picture mode, users can split YouTube videos and take any place on the screen. After that, users can do any other work on their smartphone and watch videos on YouTube together.

Non-Red Subscribers will also be able to use:

The company first provided this feature only for users with YouTube Red Subscriptions. For this subscription, users have to spend US $ 9.99 or approximately 670 rupees per month. But users do not need to pay any kind of payment or fee for non-red subscription.

It’s a matter of giving new features, even if Facebook-owned company Instagram is not behind. The company has recently released a video chat feature for its users. Instagram first introduced this feature at the Facebook F8 Developers Conference.

Learn about the video chat feature:

To start a video chat you will first have to go to Instagram Direct which appears in the icon of a paper airplane right above the top of the app. After this, open the message of a friend or group (which has three friends) and then tap on the New Blue camera icon on the top right corner of the screen. After this, your friend will call a call and then he can join the chat to answer. For more information on this news, click on the link below.


By:- Abhishek Bajpai

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